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Seafarer's Centers


Gonzales Seafarer's Center

Gonzales Seamen's Center

Contact Information:
1411 Weber City Road
Gonzales, LA  70737
Phone: 225.647.1617
Answering Machine: 225.647.3533
Fax: 225.647.6839

Director: Mr. Sylvester Wilson
Assistant Director: Rev. Jeremy Starnes


For more information or to  volunteer call 225.647.1617.

Annual Report - Gonzales Seafarer's Center

Sylvester Wilson, Director

God’s sovereign grace brings “the ends of the earth” to us!


Arriving at our local Mississippi River ports, giant merchant ships circumnavigate our planet and bring crews of international seafarers to dock here at our local Mississippi River ports! The Gonzales Seafarer Ministry utilizes this awesome Sovereign provision of God to reach “the ends of the earth,” needing only to travel, at most, 30 miles or about one hour, to minister and witness to those weary world travelers from “the ends of the earth” that need Christ!


  • We all depend on a multitude of products and materials ships haul across God's oceans, seas, and water ways. Ships' crews around the world are daily engaged in one of the world's most hazardous professions. To do their work, they sacrifice huge amounts of what we call “normal life.” Prolonged separation from family and native communities is their most intense hardship. There are over a million merchant seafarers employed on board ships. Countless thousands come to our shores. Contracted to work at sea for perhaps 6 to 10 months at a time, thousands have and continue to visit the Gonzales Seafarer Center. These men and women represent the great diversity of the world's nations and world religions. Some have no faith background. It is endlessly intriguing to note that the first disciples Jesus called were people who made their living on the sea.
  • In view of Christ's admonition in Matthew 25: 31-46, the Gonzales Seafarer Center is motivated to care for the needs of seafarers who are often without life's necessities and personal freedoms (which we take for granted). This is why so many ministry volunteers and donors graciously “empty themselves” so that seafarers can have some of their physical and spiritual needs met. They see the love of Christ in the lives and actions of Christian volunteers, donors, and ministry workers.


  • Needs Met:
    • Bibles (foreign languages and English)
    • Chapel Services
    • International phone calls
    • Toiletry items (Ditty Bags)
    • Postage and mailing
    • Western Union or Money Gram procedures
    • Instruction on internet computer use; email, and messaging
    • Counseling and prayer
    • Snacks and drinks
    • Hot meals
    • Friendly conversations; personal concerns addressed
    • Brought cell phones and phone cards aboard ship


  • Maintained list of ministry Prayer Points
  • Ministry renamed to “Gonzales Seafarer Center”
  • Maintained relationships with existing volunteers and supporters
  • Built relationships with new supporters
  • Developed new relationships with port officials and port workers

Pray for the Seafarer Ministry earnestly and often. Seek God for ways to help us to faithfully minister to the needs of seafarers with (1 Cor. 2:2; John 6:37). For more information or to volunteer, call 225-647-1617 or 225-296-3943. Thank you for your continued support.


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