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Hurricane HARVEY - Relief Efforts


BAGBR is currently accepting monetary
donations for the disaster relief efforts.

(The money will be sent to our counterparts (SBC Associations in the affected
areas for the Directors of Missions to assist with the relief efforts.)

*Donate Now*

Select Disaster Relief from the drop box after you sign in.

Text a Donation to 225-283-4654

Be sure to include the $ in front of the amount when you text your donation.
If first time, you will be prompted to visit a secure URL

or Send Check payable to:
10560 Airline Hwy.
Baton Rouge, La 70816

 Total Church Life Leadership Conference

Thank you to everyone that participated in the
It was a success!

Save the Date
Total Church Life Leadership Conference
Saturday, August 18, 2018
Greenwell Springs Baptist Church

 Inner City - Camp Beyond


2017 Videos from Inner City Camp - Camp Beyond

Children's Camp Beyond - July 2017

High School Camp Videos - see below

Pastor Edward Scott    
Ms. Malisha Jackson

Deacon Joseph Reed      Mr. Cory Freeman

Accepting Donations to send
Children, Middle, and High School Inner City Students to camp.
Cost to send one student to camp - $166

Send tax deductable donations to:
BAGBR, 10560 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, 70816
 donate online: *Donate Online Now*
and select Camp Beyond / Inner City Camp
from the drop box after you sign in.


Greetings from Executive Director Dr. Tommy Middleton

Sermons - Tommy Middleton

Dear BAGBR Churches,

Joshua 14:10-11
"I am 85, today...My strength for battle and for daily tasks is as it was then."

What kind of vitamins was Caleb taking? We live in a day in which there is always the effort to look young, feel young, and think young and the reality is no matter how hard we work at it, age, gravity, entropy, and human frailty remind us that we ARE getting older; just look in the mirror! Caleb, when he was 40, along with Joshua was one of the 2 spies in the initial quest that sought to take the land. He and Josh were voted down and for the next 45 years, how did he respond? Some would have blamed those "unbelieving church folks" and used this is as a lame excuse to pout, complain, and resign from serving, obeying, leading. Not Caleb, he stayed in the battle, did his daily tasks, believed the Word and some 45 years later he is volunteering to lead a mission team to advance the work into the toughest area of the Promised Land--and he did! By 85, he had known struggle, disappointment, defeat, and even been disillusioned by some of his "spiritual peers" and yet he kept to the task and was eager for one more challenge in serving God--God give us more Calebs. Too often our efforts to "stay young" are rooted in looks and not the Book. Caleb did not neglect his 'temple' and become lazy and indifferent and yet his motivation was to go long and be strong for God's purposes in his life. As age catches up with us all, although we may reach an age to retire do not resign from His work but re-sign, reload, redirect, and refocus your life to finish faithful for Him. The great work of God is not dependent upon the young, vibrant, and good looking but the obedient, faithful, and fearless.

In Christ,
Tommy G
. Middleton

< Read more about Dr. Middleton >

BAGBR Events


Our Location

Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge

10560 Airline Highway ~ Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Phone: (225) 296-3943 ~ Fax: (225) 296-3946

Adoniram Judson, Jr. Mission & Ministries Center


The Baptist Association's Vision, Values  & Mission


The Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge will be a Network of Churches and Missions cooperating together as agents for positive change in the spiritual, social, and cultural fabric of their communities through Christian redemption and Christian life values. This vision will be accomplished by penetrating the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through family and community orientation, and social involvement that exemplifies the caring and sharing nature of Jesus Christ in order to effect life transformation in individuals, families, and communities. Actions developing from this vision will be relationship based, evangelism centered, service oriented, and training focused.

The churches and individuals of the Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge are asked to MAKE A COMMITMENT TO A VISION FOR KINGDOM GROWTH THAT IS LARGER THAN THE LOCAL CHURCH.


Service – Christian concern results in observable actions that meet the needs of the lost

Relationships – Serving the needs of others establishes relationships for evangelism

Trust – Relationships based on biblical principles and Christian character establish trust

Commitment – Trust based biblical principles and Christian character establishes an       opportunity for commitment to truth and life through Jesus Christ

Inclusion – God’s truth and life through Christ’s presence and forgiveness is open to everyone

Empowerment – All who respond to God’s Spirit receives the power needed to fulfill God’s call for training and service

Involvement – God’s life changing call motivates each of us to actions of service


The Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge has as its present mission (A) to establish new relationships between both the churches and pastors; (B) to strengthen existing relationships of the churches and members through a commitment to a vision for kingdom growth that is larger than the local church. This commitment can be evaluated by the degree to which the local church members will penetrate their community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through family and community orientation and social involvement that exemplifies the caring and sharing nature of Jesus Christ.

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Save the Date

Church Life Leadership Conference

August 18, 2018

Greenwell Springs
Baptist Church


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The Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge
10560 Airline Highway ~ Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone: (225) 296-3943 ~ Fax: (225) 296-3946

Email: baptistassociation@bagbr.org

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