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New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Extension

Baton Rouge & Louisiana State Prison Extension Centers

-| 2013-2016 Undergraduate Course Schedule |
| Associational Annual Report - Baton Rouge Undergraduate Center |
| Associational Annual Report - LA State Penitentiary Extension Center |

Seminary Extension at Jefferson Baptist Church

Seminary Extension: Jefferson Baptist Church

Baton Rouge
Extension Center

Director: Jim Efferson
Phone: 225.261.8271
E-mail: imbcinformer@gmail.com

Classes met at Jefferson Baptist Church
9155 Jefferson Highway
Baton Rouge, LA  70809

Baptist Association Office


Undergraduate Course Cycle (2013-2016)
Baton Rouge Center

Fall 2013
Integrating Academics and Ministry (3)
Christian Doctrine (3)
New Testament Elective (3)
*Personal Spiritual Disciplines (1)

Spring 2014
Building Healthy Church Relationships (3)
The Practice of Evangelism (3)
Old Testament Elective (3)
*Personal Spiritual Disciplines (1)

Fall 2014
Marriage and Family Issues (3)
New Testament Survey (3)
Introduction to Preaching (3)
*Personal Spiritual Disciplines (1)

Spring 2015
Free Elective (3)
Old Testament Survey (3)
Introduction to Ministry (3)
*Personal Spiritual Disciplines (1)

Fall 2015
Teaching Methods (3)
Hermeneutics (3)
Worship Perspectives (3)
*Personal Spiritual Disciplines (1)

Spring 2016
Introduction to Christian Education (3)
Southern Baptist Life (3)
Introduction to Counseling (3)
*Personal Spiritual Disciplines (1)

In addition to the courses listed, students must take the following courses at an accredited college and transfer them to NOBTS:

English Composition 3 semester hrs
World History 3 semester hrs
General Mathematics 3 semester hrs
Introduction to Computers 3 semester hrs
Oral Communication 3 semester hrs


New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary


3939 Gentilly Boulevard,
New Orleans, Louisiana 70126
Website: www.nobts.edu


Annual Report
Baton Rouge Undergraduate Center

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Baton Rouge Undergraduate Center

Thanks for your continued support of the seminary extension center through your promotion, leadership, scholarships, and prayers. Many of our students attending the Baton Rouge Seminary Extension Center need financial aid to attend classes. Please consider supporting them through a donation to our scholarship fund.


Annual Report
LA State Penitentiary Extension Center


Graduate Inmate Ministers continue to make great strides in our missionary ministries. From prisons all over Louisiana we receive reports of their evangelistic and discipling skills. After seventeen years of maturing the Angola Seminary is more than an experiment, it is an integral part of prison reform, rehabilitation and education.

Most prisons in Louisiana have inmates who hope to rehabilitate and gain parole. The majority of our men are “lifers” who will go and teach and win others. If a younger man who is incarcerated is discipled and taught a job skill he will help change the streets of Louisiana. To this end the seminary is working. Not only are churchmen being enriched in leadership but godly teachers are being placed in strategic prison settings.

The North American Mission Board has a twenty-seven minute documentary on the NOBTS “Bible College”. Churches should be able to secure a DVD of this program after it airs nationally.

Angola is no longer a scary place. Christ is claiming many lives. The men of Baton Rouge Baptists continue to aid and contribute to the entire mission. Thanks to the Association for what you are doing to bring the Kingdom of Christ to a dry and thirsty land.

We receive $10,000.00 from the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering and are dependent on the generosity of churches and individuals for the other $30,000.00 needed annually under the designated offerings given through BAGBR. 

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