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Retreat Center Handbook


Handbook for a Successful Retreat

Dear Group Leader,

I sincerely hope your stay at Judson Baptist Retreat Center will be an enjoyable and beneficial experience.  If I can assist you in your planning or help you in some way to make your retreat better, please feel free to call.

I would like to suggest a few things that may help your retreat be successful.  These will help you take advantage of some aspects of the Retreat Center that are sometimes over looked.

First, please read this handbook!  It provides all the information you ever wanted to know about our facilities.  After you have read the guidelines, make sure all of your campers understand and follow them while at the Retreat Center.

Plan your activities well.  Start early.  Plan within the capabilities of your campers yet, challenge them to grow and stretch themselves.  Our facilities offer opportunities limited only by your imagination.

While you are here, we wish to do what we can to make your retreat a success.

Thanks for using Judson Baptist Retreat Center.

Together In His Service,
Eugene Morris, Manager
Judson Baptist Retreat Center

Judson Baptist Retreat Center is located approximately 40 miles north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the picturesque and historic Felicianas.  The following facilities are built on 200 acres of rolling pasture and forestland bordered by Thompson Creek:

Cafeteria   Dining area.  Seating for 120.
Three Dorms   Sleep 48 persons each.  Central air and heat.  Two sleeping and bathroom areas, with a meeting room accommodates 40.
Swimming pool   Available in season.
Concession Stand   Available on request.
Basketball court   Covered facility and includes bathrooms and concessions stand
Upper Room   40' X 60' foot facility which serves as both a private dining facility or a large conference room.
Horse Program   Supervised Horseback riding upon request
Chapel   Assembly and conference areas
Adult Building   Motel accommodations (20 rooms 2 handicap accessible)  Conference Room available.

Total sleeping capacity in dorms is 144 persons and 78 persons in the adult building. Total capacity is 222.

Facility Usage:
Judson Baptist Retreat Center is owned and operated by the Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge and surrounding area Southern Baptist churches.  It was built for the primary use by the Baptist Association churches, however it is available for use by other church groups Baptist and non-Baptist.  Non-Baptist group applications must be approved by our Retreat Center Committee.  The Retreat Center is also available to non-profit organizations that must also be approved by the Retreat Center Committee.  The Retreat Center Committee does reserve the right to refuse reservations to any group.



1. There shall be one adult man counselor for every nine (9) boys (or less) and one adult woman counselor for every nine (9) girls (or less).  All counselors must be 18 years of age or older. 

2. The group leader is responsible for informing the campers of their responsibilities while at the Retreat Center and for making sure the guidelines are followed.  The counselors shall not leave the campers unattended.

3. The group leader should notify the Retreat Center staff of desire to use the concession stand, horseback riding, or pool and the need for a campfire prior to the reserved date.


1. Upon arrival at the Retreat Center, all vehicles must remained parked, unless special permission is obtained from the Retreat Center Manager.  If permission is granted, no person is allowed to ride on the outside of the vehicle.  All traffic rules apply on the Retreat Center grounds.

2. No smoking is allowed in buildings and smoking is discouraged on the grounds.

3. All language and behavior should be consistent with the Christian atmosphere of the Retreat Center.

4. Dress shall be modest at all times, in keeping with Christian standards.

5. No drugs, alcoholic beverages, or anyone under the influence of either will be tolerated on the Retreat Center grounds.

6. No fireworks or firearms will be allowed anywhere on Retreat Center grounds.

7. Water balloon fights must be OUTSIDE the buildings and be supervised by the group  leaders.

8. NO SHAVING CREAM fights anywhere on Retreat Center grounds.

9. Radios and tape players, MP3 players are discouraged.

10. Pets are not allowed.

11. The reservations coordinator will make assignments as to living quarters, conference space and grounds.  When more than one group is booked for same dates the reservations coordinator will make assignments in keeping with the needs of all groups.  Each person is responsible for bring own linens and toiletries for the cabins. You will need single bed sheets for your bed.  Bed linens and towels are provided in motel rooms.

12. Group leaders are financially responsible for damage to the Retreat Center.  A statement of damages will be sent to sponsoring church or institution.

13. The moving of furniture is not allowed without permission of the manager.

14. Dances are not allowed.


1.  Meal times will be: Breakfast - 8 am; Lunch - 12 noon; Supper 5:30 pm , 7:30 pm Friday night supper.

2.  To facilitate planning the first meal, a guaranteed number must be given to the Retreat Center at least 24 hours prior to reservation date.  Group will be charged for that number for the first meal only.

3.  All food service items (meals and snacks) will be purchased and distributed by the Retreat Center.  Arrangements for snack and coffee breaks should be make during the reservation process.

4.  No food or drink is allowed in the cabins.

5.  Persons on special diets should notify the Retreat Center 24 hours before reservation dates.


1.  Retreat Center does provide a lifeguard during June and July only.  Each group must provide a Red Cross certified lifeguard unless other provisions have been made by the Retreat Center.  No one may use the pool without a lifeguard.

2.  Swimming is allowed only in the pool and during designated times.

3.  All groups using the pool must be accompanied by adult leaders.

4.  Swimwear shall be worn while using the pool.  No unhemmed garments or cutoffs will be allowed in the pool because loose threads, frayed ends, etc. clog the filtering system.

5.  Girls must wear a dark-colored T-shirt over two-pieced swim suits.

6.  Swimsuits are to be worn only for swimming activities.

Horse Riding Program

Consists of supervised riding in an arena and trails.   All horses are proven to be gentle for children. Our program is insured and safety will be emphasized utilizing certified instructors.

Adult supervision at all times.  Trail rides will include two (2) wranglers.

Riding Time & Costs:
1.5 Hours - includes on the ground instructions, camper evaluation, and 45 minute ride on the trail or in the arena.
Resident Camper - $19.00/ride
Day Camper - $25.00/ride

Riding Schedule:
To be determined by Horse Program Director and the Camp Director for each group.

Equipment Camper Needs To Bring To Participate:

1)  Long Pants (jeans)

2)  Boots or Shoes With Smooth Sole & 1/2" to 1" Heel.

3)  Bandanna (To be worn under safety helmet).

Number Per Riding Group:

6 - 12 Campers per group ride.



The following schedules are guides in planning the overall program.  Any changes must be approved by the Retreat Center office 48 hours prior to the beginning of the retreat or camp.

FOOD SERVICE                 

Meal times: 
Breakfast - 8:00 a.m.
Lunch - 12:00 noon
Supper - 5:30 p.m. (Friday - 7:30 pm)

These times are a guideline but will be followed unless other arrangements have been made with the retreat center office.

Buildings and grounds are considered closed after 12:00 midnight.  This has been established so that all guests at Judson Baptist Retreat Center may enjoy a quiet and peaceful night's rest.  Directors, sponsors, participants, and counselors are expected to cooperate with its enforcement.

The pool will be used only during daylight hours. Retreat Center will provide a certified lifeguard during the months of June and July.

Between the hours of:   8:00 am - 12:00noon & 2:00 pm -  6:00 pm
The hours will be shortened and lengthened according to the seasons.

Open:  10:00 am  (These are suggested times.)
2:00 pm
9:00 pm
Remember to make a request for the concession stand at time of application. We will work with retreat group schedule.


Arrangements should be made during the registration process for the use of the audio- visual equipment.  The following equipment is available in the chapel and Upper Room: sound board, cassette deck, video projector, CD player, DVD player, VCR & TV, and a clavinova. You are responsible for the condition of the equipment while in your use.  All groups must have CCLI license in order to project songs on an overhead projector or TV.

BANNER & POSTERS                   
All banners and posters should be approved through the Retreat Center management and hung with masking tape (unless other arrangements have been made).  These items should be removed at the end of the retreat. 
(Please do not use tacks, etc.)

Camp fires should be scheduled well in advance of your conference.  Campfires normally would be behind the cafeteria next to the basketball court.

Ice is available in the cafeteria during meal times and concession times only.  Retreat Center does not supply ice for picnic groups.

Telephone use is limited as the lines are for business use only. Emergency calls may be made from retreat center phones with a three minute limit.  The phone is available during regular business hours.

caller is notified that a call back is necessary.  Emergency messages will be delivered immediately.  All other calls will be given to the group leader.

services are limited.  Jackson is the nearest town, only eight miles away.  There are grocery stores with gas pumps, hardware stores, antique shops, and a gift shop.


For all emergency numbers dial 911.

These include:  
1. West Feliciana Sheriff
2. Fire Department
3. Ambulance service


West Feliciana Hospital   - 635-3811
Lane Memorial Hospital  -  658-4335

Please notify the Retreat Center Manager of all accidents.  If camper needs attention by physician obtain necessary insurance form from the Retreat Center Manager.

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